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SBZ Sample Challenge

Peace Family,

Just wanted to formally introduce the Sandbox Brotherz Sample Challenge.

Featuring Abu Sa'eed, Mike Merck, RiseOrionRa. Sean Handz and myself IZRAEL.

Each week we are alternating picking a sample and doing a cover rendition. We then collectively share and promote each others work to build brand awareness and a community based in Hip-Hop that works together to market, promote, and distribute our work independently.

The goal being to create our own marketplace and resource date based network to build commerce amongst artists, writers, producers and content creators.

We produce digital content and create online stores for our collective works and share profits. It's as simple as that. We can not do it without you. Join us today to spread the message and build awareness to our cause.

Also don't forget to tap in to the Knightz of the Roundtable Podcast streaming on all major platforms as we bring Hip Hop Therapy to the forefront of a new genre within Hip-Hop we hold community building group talks among Melanated Men. The conversations that aren't shown by mainstream media. We are now the news and we are now the journalists!

We control the narrative and we will to build our communities back to the prominence from which they came. Please help us to spread the word and subscribe to keep up to date on the latest from us.


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