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StepUp-IZ Ft DJ Prime Genesis

Peace Fam

Been a minute since I've posted. Such is life. However we are doubling down to bring the best platform for emerging independent artist with a direct to market business model.

So in efforts to bring awareness to our community I'm re-releasing singles and collaborations.

This collaboration StepUp Ft DJ Prime Genesis is one of my favorite works. Feel good vibes with a message. Y'all know what to do let's run it up!<sid=b622e1bd-41b4-4eeb-9acb-d4c28c1d

Follow DJ Prime here

Don't forget to join us! subscribe to stay up to date and we will soon be offering membership plans to collaborate in profit share ventures. Stay Tuned!

Also new Merch is up! Own a piece of history with 2Bruhz Customz featuring original artwork from visionary illustrator Brandon Monks.

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