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Power Plugz Promos

Peace Fam!

You know we keeping it pushing and we dead ass about bringing the Most Value to our community. I’m committed to sourcing and sharing all come ups that I encounter. So through affiliate marketing from trusted sources like Amazon, Printful, Alibaba, etc we are getting products and services that we use in our Journey and sharing the promos and savings.

My goal is to raise funds to start a community resource center like the old after school rec centers we used to have coming up. A place where the youth can study as well as prepare themselves with courses and studies not offered in public schools. Also Adult educational financial literacy and small business classes.

So while we work on the business proposal for grants and loans. We are funding our efforts through affiliate marketing and a merchandise line of original artwork. It’s exciting times, opportunities are here and doors are opening. Come with us in this journey from $0 to an Empire.

Ok so that’s a little back drop. I feel it’s important for people to know what we are working towards. It’s more than just music.. it’s a movement!

So now for todays Plug. How about 65ft of LED smart lights for less than $20 with one shipping for select customers?? Intrigued? check it out below. 👇🏾

This sale is good through March 10th, 2022 with additional savings available for select Amazon Prime members

Definitely have these in order and look out for the product review once I’ve installed it.

Until next Power Plug Promo. Y’all Stay Up. Subscribe to never miss an update!

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