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Health is Wealth

Peace Fam!

We are still on this journey to physical, mental spiritual, and financial freedom. It definitely seems daunting at times having a vision but striving to navigate through our own selves.

A lot of the times we are the biggest obstacles to own self improvement. I say this from the standpoint of a serial procrastinator and self doubter. Regardless of who we were yesterday, today we have an opportunity to do something great. So in that regard I took a step towards one goal, my health.

I’ve heard great things about Seamoss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock root. I first encountered it from viewing mass amounts of content from Dr. Sebi.( Recipe Books here.) However I didn’t have a clue where to source it or whether it would be a reliable source. So I put off getting it using that excuse.

Fast forward to today. I literally search on my Amazon Business account and a lot of results came. I mean a lot. Now I know all sea mosses aren’t created the same, however you have to start somewhere right? So I’ve source a product. I ordered today and it’s arriving today. ( Benefits of the Business Prime.

So my goal is to source, use and recommend if I see how it could benefit the community. Big goals is to find a product that will help in my journey to becoming healthier so I’m excited to get started and see the results. Stay tuned for updates! For now here is what I’ve found. A 4 months supply of sea moss with bladderwrack and burdock root powder for $19.

Also don’t forget to check the latest Knightz of the Roundtable Podcast 👇🏾

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