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One Drop Deals

Peace Family First product review is up and wanted to share my experience. We are working to fund a community resource center and in efforts to accomplish this we are doing product reviews and affiliate marketing with Amazon. So we are sourcing amazing products that we are using to build this empire and passing along the savings to build community engagement. Subscribe to our site for the latest reviews and info. So here I am with my first video. I’m a really soft spoken person I needed a microphone bad. Not only that I needed one that would be compatible with IOS.

I found this great lapel mic on Amazon for super cheap and it worked amazingly!

If you’re in the market for one this is a great option or if you know someone that could use it for their journey pass it along!

Smash that like button for me and subscribe if you haven’t! I had so much fun sourcing this that I want to do this everyday!

Link for product is here-

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