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Video Testimonials. Game Changer.

It's crazy how we don't want to let go of old ways. Like I feel like we all (When i say all I mean 70's Babies) went through this phase where we all remember the "Good Ole Days"

pre-internet. We would say shit like "I don't really fuck with the innanet like that.

"I'm out here in the real world"

Fast forward 10 years and we all live through our smart devices. I mean yeah you can disconnect. Be in oneness with nature. That's great. However those of us who are trying to reach PEOPLE. To help change the narratives of this world. We need these devices to stay connected, as well as reach new audiences.

Okay. So in my endless pursuit of making the greatest HueMan resource network ever, I ran across this app Tolstoy from Wix app market. I was blown away you can create interactive videos to engage with your audience. THEY can submit video responses. THEY can send in video testimonies of products or services. It's completely and easily intergraded into your IP or email marketer. It is an amazing data collection tool as well as just that "Good Ole Day's" Word of Mouth is always and always will be the purest form of marketing. With this app though word of mouth just got swole. Watch me work!



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