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The Great Debate

I had the honor of hosting the first ever Knightz of the Roundtable building session and it was everything and more than what I anticipated! It’s one thing to have a sense of direction and meaning coming into focus. It’s another thing to actually execute a plan of action. I am grateful to have been in this circle of “Black” men having a discussion in a thoughtful and meaning way.

We don’t have conversations anymore. I know, that’s a broad general blanket statement. It’s just that in the larger sense as a whole “Black” men don’t converse beyond the surface level. It actually startles me if my phone rings at some points. I find myself wondering is that what’s missing in a lot of our lives? Dialogue and exchanges with contemporaries and peers?

I find myself thinking of the days as a youth where you met your friends at designated spots. You played you talked about crushes, favorites, dreams and goals. You had a sense of wonderment and possibility. Then somewhere between peer pressure and social pressure, we become something else.

What bonded most of my generation was Hip-Hop. Every generation as an element that dates them to a time of excitement and wonderment. Maybe in the 20’s it was Jazz. Maybe in the 60’s it was Rock. For me in the late 80’s early 90’s it was Hip-Hop.

The lead up to the first meeting of the Knightz of the Roundtable was filled with that same sense of excitement and potential for possibilities. As the framework was being laid, it took the efforts and wills of individuals to make it happen. I wasn’t sure if we could even get 3 or more people to even agree to a time and show up. Sometimes you just have to DO it. We DID and the evidence is a over 8 hours collectively of Men building together, hashing out misunderstandings, and making amends.

There was laughter, tense moments, reunions, people who haven’t all been in the same conversation for over 20 years. More than anything there was an energy and renewal in having this meeting. I could see it sparking something in each and everyone of us. As if just to be able to have an actual non superficial non drama fueled conversation was breathing life into us.

It is not lost to me that none of this would have come to being if it wasn’t for Hip-Hop. It was and is the common thread that ties us all together. The topic of discussion was tentatively Old school VS. New school. It turned into so much more. It was powerful. It created a sense of meaning and purpose unlike anything I’ve ever done. It solves an age old problem that hits us all at the core. We are not alone.

This is my attempt at blogging. I felt a need to have as many avenues as possible to get this message out. My epiphany from this is that all we ever had needed was each other. It has and will always take a village. Somewhere we deviated from that. Got lost in the sauce. The “I” became more acceptable than the “We”. I want to have something to do with the changing of that narrative. Being a part of the solution is always a better position than being apathetic and ultimately a part of the problem.

Knightz of the Roundtable was a historic event that largely may or may not go noticed. I will do my part to share this to the world. Not because it’s the cool thing to do, have a blog and a podcast. Having an audience and people that listen to your music or buy your products and services is not the ROI. Happiness is. It made me happy to engage with like minded individuals. Critical thinkers that have a say and a narrative that needs to be made mainstream. Mostly what made it so successful is what I’m doing now. Typing in wonderment and excited for possibilities. Transported back to a time when it was all so simple. Living in the moment and excited for what’s to come.

I’d like to thank my brothers.

Brandon Monks Dickens- Visionary illustrated and artist behind the 2Bruhz comic strip.

Sa’eed Abdul Azim ( SlyGodALLAH) Legendary producers and founder of Slang U

HyeSon- Legendary Emcee.

Sleep Dog 80 Bags- Staten Island Legend and Manager of 2Bruhz

Big Cease- our NY Ambassador and Big Bro

Kaz- Legendary Emcee out of Rocky Mount, NC.

Tabu/T-Guda- Legendary emcee and owner of JB’s

Glenn Williams- Our Brother producer and editor for Tales on BET.

Orion Ra- amazing producer and true Hip Hop Head.

Sean Handz my brother and partner Co founder of 2 Brothers and a Laptop.

Check out our playlist Unorthodox Unionz.

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