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Power Plugz Promo Codez 2/24/22

Peace Universal Family!

Staying committed to bringing the best value for our community, We stay plugging the latest deals and savings! Our goal set is to build community. Providing tools and resources to achieve a more strategic take on financial security.

Of course we would love for our community to shop with us and keep the economy flowing as a united front. However, we have through online arbitrage the capability to link with the entirety of Amazons product base. We recommend, whether you want it is completely up to you. Our buying power is what makes the economy. We should direct our buying Power together. That would be the ultimate flex. 💪🏿

In essence we work to find the best deals and savings from quality products and services. We just want your word of mouth and membership in fair exchange. Join us for valuable articles and free e books!

So I ran across another deal and…. well you see it. I’ve always had a thing for a Lady in Timbs. Call me basic!🤷🏾‍♂️ However these Boots down here 👇🏾 are a thing of beauty! If you know you know these low key go for 170 and up but we caught this sale and wanted to pass it on.

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