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Power Plugz Promo Codez

Peace Family!

I’m super excited to unleash this new chapter of One Drop Community Organization.Brought to you by 2Brothers and a Laptop 💻 We are rolling out Power Plugz Promo Codez our venture into couponing and planned spending. Our intentions are to provide the most value for our audience and members. Daily we will be plugging links to quality products and services from trusted sources.

We know that our buying power consolidated is a extremely powerful means to effect social change. Being able to provide saving strategies that are practical and strategic is a means help us to take steps towards financial literacy and ultimately freedom.

So let’s have some fun! Fund cool new product and services together and spread the word! Each one reach one!

We are partnering with brands to source deals that will save our community hundreds of dollars annually. Sign up today to stay in the loop with the latest updates.

Check out our featured product of the day! 👇🏾👇🏾

This is a wireless doorbell that is weatherproof with range up to 1,000 ft it has 58 tones and chimes with a motion detector for less the $20 on Amazon. It’s highly rated by customer reviews and something I’m definitely in the market for. Stay tuned for product unboxing and reviews.

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