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Life Hacks: Sourcing Healthy

Peace and Blessings Family

If you’re like me and want to live a healthier lifestyle, you know the struggles of sourcing quality products. A lot of the time its hard to know where to get started, where to look, and to source it without paying an arm and a leg. One trip to the “Organic“ section of the supermarket is enough to derail your intentions of a healthier diet as it can be expensive. Ungodly expensive. It’s almost like their purposely making it harder for people to eat healthier.

So in our commitment to move into the wellness space and help to solve that problem. We are looking to provide resources to our community. We are now actively working to source and link with vendors and merchants that offer affordable solutions. I’ve created this segment of our blog to address that.

So today I’ve found a few products I ordered and wanted to share with our community.


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