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Knightz of the Roundtable New Time

Peace Family!

Just wanted to let everyone know KOTR has moved our show time to Sundays 3pm PT/6pm ET. This was to accommodate schedules. We think Sunday is a good day to unpack the week and build towards the new week together. Other than that its still on Zoom same meeting 584 822 1281 and password: Loyalty. The Table is open to all wanting to build.

Today’s topic is Mindset Manifesting. How do we stay creating and moving towards goals? Join us and don’t forget to subscribe to our website if you haven’t already. Also we are working hard to revamp and grow our YouTube channel follow us there as well and hit the notification for alerts on new uploads.

Of course we have Nu Heat for a Nu Week as well so tap in and vibe with come join the conversation! Also we are looking for content contributors on the site whether it be Blog posting or just Youtube video recommendations we have a lot to offer compensation wise just reach out and ask. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

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