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Build Credit with Debit

Peace Fam

Back on it! Excited to bring this info to the community. So if you’re like me you weren’t really educated in school on financial literacy and how to build credit. I’m in the process of establishing and get my credit together and trust me my credit is poor. However in the last month I’ve managed to remove 4 negative accounts and I’m establishing positive personal and business credit.

A great tool to get started is the Extra Debit Card. It’s the first debit card that reports your monthly spending to the 3 credit bureaus. That’s a huge step towards building positive credit history. I’m working to document my process to show if I can do so can you!

Sign up through this referral code and both get 50,000 points that can be redeemed in app for shop purchases. They have amazing brand products for sale integrated into the app. Also sign up to win an Xbox One Series X.

Sign up here 👇🏾

There are many factors in credit guiding and I am not giving financial advice, rather this is for educational purposes in hopes that it will help someone in their journey. In any event it doesn’t hurt to check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Look for the lates episode of Krypto Knightz as we dive deeper into establishing credit, life insurance, estates and trusts. Free E Book downloads available on with membership. Sign up today!

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