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Artist Feature Rayson Miracle

Grand risings Fam,

Lets set the hump day of right with an artist feature!

We paying homage to God Brooklyn’s finest Rayson Miracle Since first encountering his music through my partner Sean Handz, I was instantly a fan. Between the lyrical prowess and clever bars laced over a definitive New York sound it was clear I Was listening to unsigned greatness!

Not long after we had the God on our show Knightz of the Roundtable Podcast

After meeting brother I knew his greatness far exceeded his musical talent. This was a solid Man. Humble yet forthcoming and honest. Street General yet also a family man and thoughtful individual. I was impressed by his catalogue but even more impressed with his demeanor. Sometimes you just know when there’s something special about a person. This was one of those occasions.

Suffice to say we have established a brotherhood and we rock with each other. So in efforts to showcase and support real organic Hip-Hop we are highlighting the God. Make sure to check out the social links and YouTube page within the post and subscribe.

New Merch up on site!

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